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Download 3gp Kung Fu Action Movies In Hindi

Download 3gp kung fu action movies in hindi

If you are a fan of kung fu and martial arts movies, you might be interested in downloading some of them in 3gp format. 3gp is a multimedia container format that can store video and audio data in a small file size. It is compatible with most mobile devices and can be played on various media players. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best kung fu action movies in hindi that you can download in 3gp format.


Kung Fu Killer

Kung Fu Killer is a 2023 Hindi dubbed Chinese action movie that features Wen Xi, Zhao Shuai, Yang Fan, and Guo Jun. The movie follows Pei Yunxiao, a martial arts master who goes to find a genius doctor to save the people who lost their hearts. However, he gets hunted down by the Justice Society, who accuse him of being a killer. Pei Yunxiao has to fight his way out and prove his innocence. The movie is full of thrilling fight scenes and showcases the skills of kung fu and swordsmanship. You can download Kung Fu Killer in 3gp format from [here].

Tai Chi Hero

Tai Chi Hero is a 2022 Hindi dubbed Chinese movie that stars Yuan Xiaochao, Angelababy, Tony Leung, and Eddie Peng. The movie is a sequel to Tai Chi Zero and continues the story of Yang Luchan, a young man who learns the legendary Chen Style Tai Chi from the Chen village. He has to protect the village from an evil army that wants to destroy it and steal its secrets. The movie is a mix of comedy, romance, and action, and features spectacular stunts and special effects. You can download Tai Chi Hero in 3gp format from [here].

The Fighter

The Fighter is a Hindi dubbed Chinese movie that stars Liang Chao, Wang Zhiwen, Zhang Lanxin, and Liu Xiaoye. The movie tells the story of Liu Yifei, a young man who dreams of becoming a kung fu master. He joins a martial arts school and meets a girl named Xiao Yu, who also loves kung fu. However, he soon discovers that the school is run by a corrupt master who exploits his students and forces them to fight in illegal underground tournaments. Liu Yifei has to stand up against the master and save Xiao Yu from his clutches. The movie is a classic tale of courage, love, and justice, and showcases the beauty and power of kung fu. You can download The Fighter in 3gp format from [here].


These are some of the best kung fu action movies in hindi that you can download in 3gp format. They are all entertaining and exciting, and will keep you glued to your screen. If you love kung fu and martial arts movies, you should definitely check them out.