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Ami Sudhu Cheyechi Tomay Video Song 1080p

Ami Sudhu Cheyechi Tomay Video Song 1080p

Ami Sudhu Cheyechi Tomay (I Only Want You) is a romantic song from the 2014 Bengali movie of the same name, starring Ankush Hazra and Subhashree Ganguly. The song was sung by Mohammed Irfan, composed by Savvy and written by Saurav Bhadra. The song was released on YouTube by Eskay Movies on September 30, 2016 and has received over 39 million views as of April 2023.

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The song is about a man who expresses his love for a woman who he has been dreaming of for a long time. He tells her that he only wants her and nothing else in his life. He says that his feelings are so strong that they cannot be expressed in words. He asks her to accept his love and be with him forever.

The video of the song features Ankush and Subhashree in various romantic scenes, such as walking on the beach, riding a bike, dancing in the rain and hugging each other. The video also shows some scenes from the movie, where the couple faces some challenges and misunderstandings in their relationship. The video is shot in high definition (1080p) and has a vibrant and colorful look.

The song is one of the most popular songs from the movie, which was directed by Ashok Pati and produced by Eskay Movies. The movie was a remake of the 2013 Telugu film Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde, starring Nithin and Nithya Menen. The movie was a commercial success and received positive reviews from the critics and the audience.

If you are looking for a romantic and melodious song to listen to or watch, you can check out Ami Sudhu Cheyechi Tomay video song 1080p on YouTube or other streaming platforms. You can also find the lyrics of the song online or watch the lyrical video. You will surely enjoy this beautiful song and fall in love with the chemistry of Ankush and Subhashree.


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