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[[Sport TV]***] China vs. Kazakhstan live video 01.09.2023

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“Most often we see that many international organizations try to react and adapt to the situation rather than trying to defend positions connected to human rights, ” Bakhrieva said of Tajikistan, where hundreds of civil society organizations have chosen to fold amid pressure from the state in recent years. Real-Time Climate Crisis Areas in which bad local management and a tough geopolitical environment intersect are manifold, but it is hard to think of one more pressing than climate change The region is one of the most water-stressed on Earth, and Kazakhstan in particular has been showing the strain of late.

”Still Undemocratic And Getting Worse Zhovtis went on to provide a roundup of the grim assessments of international freedom monitors regarding the five countries -- assessments repeatedly backed up by the firsthand observations of panelists. Yevgeny Zhovtis, the director of the Kazakhstan International Bureau for Human Rights and the Rule of Law, at the Almaty conference on August 28. Under Kyrgyz President Sadyr Japarov, the country in the region that has experienced some democratic freedoms seems to have abandoned the chase, going from “partly free” in the ratings of the rankings watchdog Freedom House to unfree, just like the others. And, after shedding three presidents during independence, sometimes in bloody circumstances, it is the sight of these hard-won democratic credentials disappearing overnight that hurts many Kyrgyz.

Then again, look at the neighbors. As Kyrgyz political analyst Emil Juraev argued, “between Russia’s war and the increasing global influence of China right next to us, it cannot be good times for democracy-building in Central Asia. " Moscow’s invasion has exacerbated food inflation in Central Asia, while sending tens of thousands of conscription-age Russians scampering south, with Kazakhstan taking the brunt of the exodus. Back in Russia, even greater numbers of Central Asian migrants are trapped between an economy reshaped by sanctions and a sunken ruble and Moscow’s drive to recruit them for its war in Ukraine. But the war’s overall impact on the political atmosphere of the region is something of an evolving process, with Juraev noting that citizens in some countries were now “asking more daring questions in terms of their societies, ” including about their imperial and Soviet past under Russia.

“It is the speed and acceleration of it all. To lose all those things that we had fought for in the space of a couple of years. Of course, it really alarms you, ” said Cholpon Djakupova, the head of the Legal Clinic Adilet nonprofit organization based in Kyrgyzstan’s capital, Bishkek. On the first day of the conference, Kyrgyz prosecutors announced that they had filed papers to shut down Kloop, an independent media outlet well known for its investigations of elite corruption.

Between Russia, China, And A Warming World: Central Asia's State Of PlayALMATY, Kazakhstan – Speakers at a conference dedicated to Central Asia this week struggled to find good things to say about the region -- or at least enough good to rival all of the bad. Some experts saw windows for transformation and adaptation closing, amid an international space reshaped by China’s rise and Russia’s war in Ukraine, and with a climate crisis seemingly moving even faster than in most other parts of the world.

From 2016 onwards, Beijing has overseen a giant state crackdown often likened by activists to a genocide in its western Xinjiang region, where ethnic Uyghurs, ethnic Kazakhs, and ethnic Kyrgyz have been incarcerated en masse. Survivors of this epic rights crisis can be found in several Central Asian countries, especially Kazakhstan, but they often live without documents or rights since “there is not one country in this region that is prepared to endanger its relations with China, ” according to Aina Shormonbaeva, the head of the Almaty-based International Legal Initiative. Addressing the conference via video link, Steve Swerdlow, a rights lawyer and academic at the University of Southern California, mentioned the use of Chinese facial recognition technology to target activists inside Central Asia.

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C., said that the events had proved that the “formula of stability” promoted by Kazakhstan’s first president, Nursultan Nazarbaev, and other authoritarian leaders in the region, “was inherently unstable. ” “It was based on elite networks, not institutions, ” Marat argued. And with unaccountable governance being the norm in Central Asia, “protests are inevitable in the future, ” Marat predicted, given a “growing capacity for self-organization” in the region. Complex International Environment With these rights abuses all belonging to their own specific contexts, it would seem strange to connect the region’s plight to its neighbors.

This means allowing prosecutors and courts to jail dissenters, including the citizen journalists who were direct beneficiaries of the short opening. Nadejda Ataeva, a France-based Uzbek exile who heads the Association for Human Rights in Central Asia, said that any assessments of the country Mirziyoev calls “New Uzbekistan” should begin with the fact that Akzam Turgunov, a rights defender jailed and tortured under Karimov, has attempted and failed to register an NGO no fewer than 11 times since Mirziyoev took power in 2016.

The event was unprecedented, taking in both civic leaders and academics, and gathering more than 200 experts in Kazakhstan’s largest city, Almaty. But beyond celebrating the fact that an organization like the bureau has survived so long in a challenging environment, there was plenty for panelists to be glum about. In his opening speech, the bureau’s long-serving director, Yevgeny Zhovtis, described the region’s populations as “hostages of domestic authoritarianism and geopolitical pressures.

Rights lawyer Steve Swerdlow (file photo) Swerdlow called the expected 5+1 meeting of Central Asian heads of state with U. S. President Joe Biden on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York in late September a “unique opportunity” to put human rights at the forefront of Washington’s relations with Central Asia. But as Washington seeks to build consensus on war-related issues, such as the observance of its sanctions against Moscow, will it want to do that? And to what extent are Western donors and international organizations -- supposed allies of civil society in the region -- fulfilling their duty to their partners in increasingly undemocratic settings? Sebastien Peyrouse of the Elliott School of International Affairs at George Washington University addressed this question in detail, and his critique was echoed by Tajik rights activist Nigina Bakhrieva.

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Filipina spikers falter in fifth set vs Kazakhstan, drops Asian 2 days ago — The Philippines will look to bounce back on Wednesday against China at 3 p.m. while Kazakhstan will take on Hong Kong at 12

Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoev (file photo) When Uzbek blogger Miraziz Bazarov spoke out in favor of LGBT rights -- and against Mirziyoev -- it triggered a campaign of state persecution that extended to threats to Bazarov’s mother and his lawyer, Ataeva recalled. State repression in Uzbekistan has seemingly only increased since a bloody crackdown last year in its autonomous territory of Karakalpakstan, one of several egregious examples of state crackdowns and injustice toward ethnic minorities in Central Asia -- the topic of a separate panel. In other countries, the fall into deeper degrees of authoritarianism came long ago. Europe-based Tajik journalist Khumayro Bakhtier called on people to think of Tajikistan, rather than Turkmenistan, as Central Asia’s most repressive country as she detailed a long government campaign against any hint of political opposition, independent media, and civic vibrancy from about 2010 onwards.

Meta Takes Down 'Largest Ever' Chinese Influence Operation 7 hours ago — China's Online Influence Campaign in Latin America. to English and posted organic content about riots in Kazakhstan,” according to

[[live@]!] Live: Serbia VS Belgium stream 31 August 2023 23 hours ago — Live: Serbia VS Belgium stream 31 August 2023 2023 FIBA and People's Republic of China defeat Kazakhstan then Iran will secure a spot


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