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81 Harvard Business School Case Studies

81 Harvard Business School Case Studies

Harvard Business School (HBS) is one of the most prestigious and influential institutions in the world of business education. HBS is known for its case method of teaching, which immerses students in realistic business situations and challenges them to analyze and solve problems, make decisions, and communicate their ideas. HBS cases are written by faculty members and researchers based on real-world data and events, and cover a wide range of topics, industries, and disciplines.

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In this article, we will introduce you to 81 HBS case studies that you can use to learn from the experiences of leading companies and executives. These case studies span across different content types, such as articles, books, chapters, core curriculum, online courses, simulations, and videos. They also cover various disciplines, such as accounting, finance, marketing, strategy, operations, entrepreneurship, and more. Whether you are a student, an educator, a manager, or an aspiring leader, you will find these case studies valuable and insightful for your personal and professional development.

How to Access HBS Case Studies

HBS case studies are available through Harvard Business Publishing Education, a subsidiary of Harvard Business School that provides educational materials and services to academic institutions around the world. You can browse the catalog of cases by discipline, content type, topic, industry, region, and more. You can also use the course explorer feature to discover new ideas and content for your courses curated by editors, partners, and faculty from leading business schools.

To access HBS case studies, you need to register for an account on Harvard Business Publishing Education and purchase the cases individually or in bulk. You can also request a free trial or an educator copy of a case if you are an educator or a student. Alternatively, you can access some HBS case studies through Harvard Business Review, which offers case selections on various topics and themes curated by HBS faculty members. You can purchase these case selections as digital downloads or print copies.

Examples of HBS Case Studies

To give you a glimpse of what HBS case studies are like, here are some examples of cases that you can find on Harvard Business Publishing Education and Harvard Business Review. These are not exhaustive lists, but rather a sample of some of the most popular and relevant cases for today's business environment.

HBS Case Studies on Harvard Business Publishing Education

  • : This case examines how Starbucks underwent a dramatic turnaround after a period of decline in the late 2000s. It explores how the company reinvigorated its core values, redefined its customer experience, restructured its organization, and revamped its innovation process.

  • : This case explores how Netflix disrupted the entertainment industry with its innovative business model of streaming video on demand. It analyzes how the company leveraged data analytics, customer feedback, content creation, and global expansion to achieve rapid growth and competitive advantage.

  • : This case provides an overview of Amazon's history, strategy, culture, and operations. It examines how the company became one of the most valuable and influential companies in the world by pursuing customer obsession, innovation, diversification, and scale.

  • : This case describes how IKEA became the world's largest furniture retailer by offering affordable and stylish products that appeal to a wide range of customers. It discusses how the company developed its distinctive design philosophy, supply chain network, store format, and social responsibility initiatives.

  • : This case traces the origins and evolution of Airbnb from a small start-up to a global platform for hospitality and travel. It explores how the company created value for hosts and guests by leveraging technology, trust, and community.

  • : This case examines how Tesla Motors emerged as a leader in electric vehicles by pursuing a vision of sustainable transportation. It analyzes how the company overcame technical challenges, financial difficulties, and competitive pressures to produce innovative products and services.

  • : This case explores how Coca-Cola faced the challenges of changing consumer preferences, environmental concerns, and social issues in the 21st century. It evaluates how the company adapted its strategy, structure, and culture to address these issues and maintain its market leadership.

  • : This case illustrates how Zara revolutionized the fashion industry with its fast fashion concept. It explains how the company achieved operational excellence, customer responsiveness, and product variety by integrating design, production, distribution, and retailing.

  • : This case assesses the performance and prospects of Apple after the death of its founder and CEO Steve Jobs. It examines how the company sustained its innovation, differentiation, and profitability in a highly competitive and dynamic industry.

  • : This case showcases how Narayana Health, a hospital chain in India, delivered high-quality and low-cost health care to millions of patients. It highlights how the company leveraged economies of scale, process innovation, and social mission to achieve its goals.

HBS Case Studies on Harvard Business Review

  • : This case selection explores how artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming various industries and functions. It features cases on how companies such as Netflix, Stitch Fix, Spotify, and Alibaba use AI to enhance their products, services, and operations.

  • : This case selection examines how remote work is reshaping the way people collaborate, communicate, and manage. It features cases on how companies such as GitLab, Automattic, Zapier, and Basecamp manage their distributed teams and cultures.

  • : This case selection analyzes how Tesla and its CEO Elon Musk balance risk and opportunity in their quest to create a sustainable transportation system. It features cases on how Tesla innovates in product development, manufacturing, marketing, and financing.

  • : This case selection explores how to navigate the opportunities and challenges of doing business in China. It features cases on how companies such as Starbucks, IKEA, Apple, Uber, and Airbnb adapt their strategies, operations, and cultures to the Chinese market.

  • : This case selection demonstrates how to design and run effective business experiments to test hypotheses, optimize decisions, and learn from failures. It features cases on how companies such as, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon use experimentation to improve their performance.

  • : This case selection reveals how to build a workforce that is more digital, diverse, and agile. It features cases on how companies such as IBM, Unilever, Accenture, and Mastercard transform their talent management practices to attract, develop, and retain their human capital.

  • : This case selection celebrates the achievements and contributions of Black business leaders. It features cases on the careers and leadership styles of prominent figures such as Oprah Winfrey, Robert F. Smith, Ursula Burns, Kenneth Chenault, and Mellody Hobson.

  • : This case selection examines how leaders respond to major crises such as natural disasters, pandemics, wars, and terrorist attacks. It features cases on how leaders such as Angela Merkel, Jacinda Ardern, George W. Bush, Rudy Giuliani, and Arne Sorenson handle these situations.

  • : This case selection explores how to extend your brand into new markets without undermining your brand uniqueness. It features cases on how brands such as Lego, Disney, Starbucks, Netflix, and IKEA diversify their offerings and reach new customers.

  • : This case selection introduces the basics and applications of blockchain technology. It features cases on how blockchain can enable new business models and solutions in various domains such as finance, supply chain, health care, energy, and social impact.


HBS case studies are valuable resources for learning from the successes and failures of real-world businesses and leaders. They can help you develop your analytical and critical thinking skills, enhance your communication and presentation abilities, and broaden your perspective and knowledge. You can access HBS case studies through Harvard Business Publishing Education and Harvard Business Review, where you can find a variety of cases on different topics, industries, and disciplines. Whether you want to learn about the latest trends and innovations, the best practices and strategies, or the challenges and opportunities in the business world, you will find HBS case studies useful and relevant for your learning goals. I have continued writing the article for you. Here is the next paragraph: One of the benefits of using HBS case studies is that they are not only informative, but also engaging and interactive. HBS case studies are designed to stimulate discussion and debate among students, educators, and managers, who can apply the concepts and frameworks learned from the cases to their own situations and contexts. HBS case studies also encourage active learning and reflection, as they challenge the readers to think critically and creatively about the problems and solutions presented in the cases. By using HBS case studies, you can enhance your l


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