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Manual Strands S68 [2022-Latest]




Category: - Manual / Drill Press - Reference No: S68A A new addition to the Strands range of drills press. Manual operation. A 20" capacity. A 3/4" drive will give greater speeds. Using a 25HP Kohler engine the SS s68 drills fast. The Strands S-68 press is a new entry level edition of the Strands drill press range. With a 20" drill table it will fit into most small workshops. Price: $1,300.00 Reference No: S68A Manual drilling is a valuable and essential skill for every tradesman and professional alike. Manual drilling is a great way to improve your drilling abilities, build confidence and develop great hand-eye co-ordination. At the same time a manual drill press makes a cost effective learning tool and can take up little space in any tradesman’s workshop. A manual drill press can be built with a choice of horsepower from 16HP up to 60HP. Most of our manual drill presses are 18HP or 25HP, but we can build up to 60HP or even more if required. The horsepower is the rating of the engine used in the press. However, horsepower ratings are very useful for calculating the power and torque of an engine. We have units for both pounds per horsepower and horsepower per kilo. This means that you can compare the output power or torque of different size presses. We offer a full range of accessories for both our manual drill presses. These include different size cutters and drills, spares and replacement parts. Information on our website can help you to assemble a manual drill press. Manual drilling has been around for hundreds of years. In this time manual drills have evolved and become much more sophisticated. They can drill holes to any exact specification. They are capable of drilling many materials including soft woods, aluminium, steel and cast iron. When compared to electric drills they are still a better choice for many applications. Manual drills are quieter, cheaper to run and are more forgiving if the operator makes a mistake or neglects to read the drill press manual. The operator can see when the drill bit has reached the correct depth and if the drill press is set up correctly. However, we are unable to accept returns for drill bits, accessory kits or for incorrect drill presses. The Strands S-68 manual drill press can be purchased new or reconditioned. We also accept trade-ins on Strands




Manual Strands S68 [2022-Latest]

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