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The University of Baseball

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What Our Clients SAY!

COLT - 16U Big Dogs & 16U UB Elite - Rostered Player (since fall 2013)

My son, Colt, has been playing Select Baseball since he was 9 years old and he is now about to be 16.  He has played for several teams and several coaches, some good and some bad.  He has always had a passion and love for baseball.  After a rough High School Season he had started to lose some of his drive and his skills were starting to decline.  Colt started with Coach James at University of Baseball in September and the change in him is very noticeable.  His passion for playing is back and he looks forward to every practice and game and his hitting and fielding has continually improved.  Coach James has a way of talking and connecting with his players that shows he is a true mentor.  He is the first coach we have ever had that actually takes the time to explain the whole college baseball path and what it takes and sits down with the players so that they understand what it takes.   Coach James is the whole package when it comes to Coaches!



ROY - 18U Big Dogs - Rostered Player (since summer 2013)

My son is on the 18u team.. He has played two seasons with this organization. This is the first organization my son has played for. He has played for other pickup teams but none of the coaches had professional experience such as Coach Bills. Coach Bills not only knows the game but also knows how to encourage the boys. He enforces an education first and baseball second. While listening to the coach talk to the boys after a game he absolutely makes sense in his description of the game and why this or that happened. I trust his experienced staff and truly believe if your son is looking for a team to try out for, the University of Baseball will be a great start.


Roy Rangel, Sr.

Zac & Zane Callan- 16U Big Dogs - Rostered Players (since fall 2013)

 Our boys are just turning 14 and have played select baseball for a few years now.  We have had some “ok” experiences and some bad experiences.  We joined University of Baseball this fall and our experience has been far better that great.  Coach James and his staff are exceptional coaches, but more importantly they are good people.  We were pleasantly surprised that Coach James not only cares about their academic performance, but he stresses the importance of grades regularly.  He encourages them to have goals, and has helped them understand what it takes to play college baseball.  

When we joined UB Coach James encouraged us to join the 16U team and assured us that the boys were up to the challenge.  Their skills have sharpened and they have learned much more about the game of baseball.  Coach James has become their mentor and someone they respect very much.  He has a passion and love for the game that is contagious.  We couldn’t be more pleased with our experience at UB and are looking forward to many more seasons with the Big Dogs.  

If you are looking for a well-run organization and a coach that genuinely loves the game and his players…UB is the place for you.  We have been pleased with the level of communication about upcoming events and professionalism of all involved with the program. 

Tim & Melissa Callan

Speer -16U Big Dogs - Rostered Player

From fundamentals to finesse, James Bills and the University of Baseball know how to teach baseball. 

-JD Speer

Mac - 13U Big Dogs -Rostered Player (since 2011)

My son Mac has been playing for UB for 3 years. I have loved watching his growth and increase knowledge of baseball during this time. Coach Justin and Coach James took my 10 year old and molded him into the player he is today. They teach great mechanics and instill reps are the key to growth. They care about your kid and teach the importance of a positive attitude. Coach James has talks about education and what it takes to succeed. We love it here!!

Liz Surles

JOSH - 18U Big Dogs - Rostered Player (since 2011)

My son was struggling a little at the plate three years ago and I was given coach Bills' phone number and I was told that he could work on Josh's mechanics and have him back hitting the ball in no time. Josh worked with him twice and the very next week we played Pflugerville High School and he went eight for ten with a walk off double driving in the winning run in game two of the three game series. Josh has been a consistent hitter for the last three years using coach Bills' hitting technique and we are now talking to colleges and feel certain that he will get some nice scholarship offers very soon 


Coach Bills works with each player on an individual basis. He is not a one size fits all type of coach. He has a great eye for picking up on a players stance, hand placement on the bat, hips opening up, etc. I can also say the same for his pitching and fielding instructions. 


The greatest thing my son likes about coach Bills is that he is an encourager and not one to criticize. Instead of yelling, screaming and condemning, he pulls the kid to the side after the inning and instructs the player on what he should do the next time he is in that situation. It makes a huge difference in the players' confidence level. 


We look forward to the next several seasons as Josh continues to play under coach Bills' tutelage playing on his College Elite team. 


David Money father of Josh Money

ALEX - 13U Big Dogs - Rostered Player (since 2012)

If you want your son to grow as a player, increase his skills, and become the best player he can be, University of Baseball is the place you should want him to play! I have seen my son Alex's hitting, fielding, arm strength and confidence grow practice to practice and game to game. I can see him becoming a better player and his love for baseball grow.

I know that when he gets to High School he will be equipped with the skills and knowledge he will need to not only make the team but be a solid player year in and year out. Thanks Coach James and Justin for your hard work and time.



Bob and Jill Sirvydas