The University of Baseball

The University of Baseball

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About the youth program

At The University of Baseball, we feel it is never to early to learn the highest level of technical skills desired, from top notch baseball athletes.  Our players learn, from the first day, how to play baseball like a college player.  We never “dumb down” the game, but instead allow the players to grow while striving to achieve their goals in baseball. 

We reinforce that school and grades come first, because that is what will come first with all college coaches.  We also teach them to find their baseball “fire” while growing their personal competitiveness.  We teach baseball IQ, build proper baseball technique for all aspects of the game, and we have FUN while doing it.

We are a NO YELLING program, who believes in strong positive reinforcement and consequence discipline. 

  What to expect from the program

Our ultimate goal for our program is to develop the best baseball player and citizen we can in each and every player.  We do this, first, by clearly stating what is expected from our players. This sets them up for success in every aspect of the program.  We then engage in top notch training and competitive tournaments allowing the players the time to develop.  We strive to have all of our youth players ready for high school baseball. Finally, we build a family environment with our players and their families.


What to expect from the practices

Practices are structured to first teach new skills and techniques and revisit the ones that need refreshing.  We also allow ample time for the repetition that is needed to commit these skills and techniques to long term muscle memory. 

Practice will be set up in 2 main formats.     

1. Skills & Drills format to allow all the players time to learn techniques.

2. Live and Controlled scrimmage to allow real time instructions.

What to expect from the tournaments

We are a developmental program.  We pride ourselves on ensuring ample playing time for every rostered player.  We feel it is an integral part of growth and learning for our players.  However, we keep the competition aspect of the game as priority.  All players will have the opportunity to play on Saturday as equally as possible per the team coach’s discretion.  Sunday games, we reserve the right to play the best 9.  This ensures the players avoid complacency, while learning the value of hard work and also playing 100% every time they take the field.

 What to expect from the coaching and training staff

All of our program coaches and training staff are instructed to maintain a calm but strong approach towards all players.  We believe that the life time lessons they have gathered playing ball themselves, at many levels, gives them the unique perspective al the game from the player’s aspect.  It is their priority to teach the players proper baseball skills and techniques pursuant to the standards of our program and Coach James Bills.

Tips to be successful

The best tip for success is for the players to remember that no matter how much the coaches teach the players, it is ultimately up to the player how much and how fast they progress.  Practicing at home is invaluable.  Seeing flying balls 1 day a week, for 20 reps will not allow for the desired progress.  But seeing fly balls 5 days a week with 50 reps, will.