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The University of Baseball was formed in 2009 when James Bills, a part-time coach and independent business owner, decided to share his love and passion for baseball with players and enthusiasts of all ages.  The University of Baseball is the result of his vision to transform young men into high quality ballplayers.  He has developed training regimens and coaching techniques that work for players at all levels -- youth select programs, clubs, high school, collegiate and professional teams. 


Early on James understood the need for The University of Baseball to offer a full service program.  From developing youth players to advance to the next level through proper technique, baseball IQ and tapping into their inner “fire”, to mentoring and working with the players and families to leverage opportunities for college scholarships (check out the Alumni page), the University of Baseball has it covered.  Along with regular practices and games, the UB program offers training and guidance for a sound mind and healthy diet to round out a player’s successful development.

Through time-tested techniques and the hard work of its coaching staff, the University of Baseball has developed into a successful baseball program in the Austin area. The philosophy of focusing on developing the players rather on gathering trophies holds true to James’ belief of providing a high quality program. Through the years, James has demonstrated the value of the program by his younger players besting their competition, and older players’ performance for college and professional scouts.

James shares his lifetime of baseball knowledge and love for the game while giving back to the Austin community by working with the next generation of athletes. No matter how many teams The University of Baseball has he finds the time to conduct hands-on lessons with each and every one of them. 


We invite you to become a part of The University of Baseball family and share our love for the game!

If you want it, and are willing to work for it, then you can achieve it.  

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide a fun, positive and competitive team-focused environment that produces solid baseball players and honorable young men.

Our Mission

Our Vision

At The University of Baseball, we feel it is never too early to learn the highest level of technical skills desired, from top notch baseball athletes.  Our players learn, from the first day, how to play baseball like a college player.  We never “dumb down” the game, but instead allow the players to grow while striving to achieve their goals in baseball.

We reinforce that school and grades come first, because that is what will come first with all college coaches.  We also teach them to find their baseball “fire” while growing their personal competitiveness.  We teach baseball IQ, build proper baseball technique for all aspects of the game, and we have FUN while doing it.

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