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The Ultimate Baseball Showcase

Coach James has been working with a new and upcoming program called WeR Athletic. Through this collaboration, we have put together a fantastic option for players to showcase their talents in front of college coaches and pro scouts, obtain video highlights, and receive analytics reported online through our Statabase Collection with verified stats.

What to Expect

College Combine – We are expecting 8-10 college recruiters to be at the combine/showcase portion of this event. These coaches will be on the field with the players throughout the showcase, talking to, observing, critiquing and analyzing the players.

Pro Scouts – We have also confirmed Pro Scouts to be at this event. They will be working closely with the event coordinators in the analytics of the showcase event.

Video Highlights – We will have a professional video crew onsite for the entire showcase. Players will have the opportunity to purchase a highlight real for their online player profiles and to send to college coaches.

Analytics – All players will have access to their showcase results and player analytics. These will be listed as verified stats for scouts to review

WeR Athletic – Web based instructional videos with Professional Players to allow young athletes to learn and perfect the tips and trick of this sport. Just a few of the players we will see at this event are Chuck Knoblauch, David Rollins, and Bump Wills.

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